About Us


PODS is more than just a product or series of products, its significance in the marketplace
is represented by three primary pillars;

Design reflects our emphasis on creativity, aesthetics, free-thinking and attention to detail.

Innovation is maintained through our enthusiastic commitment to exploring,
improving and/or generating ideas, quality, technologies, and processes.

Community is the glue that holds our entire ecosystem together – elevating
relationships to our business (suppliers, buyers, users, thinkers/innovators, scientific
communities), societal and physical environments to the forefront of our business model.
In fact, without maintaining a seemingly balanced ecosystem, PODS could not exist.

Develop “new” products and bring them to market
Improve upon “current” products currently in the
Pioneer new materials, processes, manufacturing
techniques etc.
Foster mutual prosperity through collaboration

why WE DO it Passion for innovative product design and development
Develop a community based business aligned to our values and vision
Engage with the oceanographic community to improve their work environment

our vision

hrough collaborative initiatives with the oceanographic community, adjacent industry
groups, academic and research institutions, PODS delivers highly
innovative and affordable products.