Seabed Platforms

The PODS Seabed Platform has been designed to offer a more economical and practical product than is currently
available in the marketplace, with specific focus on reducing operational time, cost and risk. Primarily created to
accommodate Acoustic Doppler (directional current and wave) devices, its flexible arrangement can facilitate
a diverse range of seabed monitoring applications.

The seabed frame is constructed of fiberglass with marine grade stainless steel fixtures to remove any negative impact on instrumentation
dependent on a magnetic compass. The fiberglass shell is designed to offer a user-friendly, low-profile and robust platform with a simple
4-point assembly without any need for specialised hardware or tooling.

stackable design
The seabed platforms are designed to be stackable in consideration
of both transportation and storage. Single pallet transportation of
multiple platforms and reduction of required storage space will
positively reduce operational and maintenance costs.
cost reduction
assembly and maintenance
The 4-point attachment allows for time efficient assembly and
servicing, dramatically reducing time requirements in the field and in
the workshop. The fixtures negate the need for specialised hardware
or tools, and the frame can be easily be constructed by a single user.
time reduction
side apertures

The side apertures have a 2-fold benefit. Firstly by allowing sufficient
flow through the platform, deployment and recovery operations are
inherently more stable. Secondly the apertures are positioned to allow sufficient access to the holding bracket ensuring simple and time
efficient installation or removal of equipment.

Gimbal axis

The gimballed axis bracket serves primarily to provide gravitational
alignment of vertically orientated sensors; its design allows quick
installation/removal of equipment fixed by 2 threaded socket bolts,
this significantly reduces servicing time which is particularly important during diving operations. Custom fixed brackets are also available.


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